‘We commissioned the artworks in Morgan Street to lift and beautify the area, to which they have done with flying colours. We have noted a decrease in graffiti vandalism to our properties and since the artworks were installed we have had no problems with anyone damaging them. I have regularly seen people wander up the lane to see the artworks, often taking photographs. It is great to see more people in the area with smiles on their face. The artworks have really lifted the whole atmosphere of Morgan Street and The Hunter Street Mall.’
Nicholas Walshe
The GPT Group

“The large and bright mural artworks in Morgan Street have provided our business with a great backdrop for our outdoor photo shoots. We love being able to incorporate the unique colourful artworks into our portrait photography and the feedback from our clients is great. The bright colours, inspirational quote and positive message within the Morgan Street mural have proven to be a hit with our couples looking to have a special moment captured. We like the artworks so much, our current profile picture on Facebook, was taken in front of them!”
Nicholas Pitt
Jake Thomas Photography

“The Urban Ballerina is the result of creative collaboration between Newcastle photographer Ross Wood and local dancers. The aim of our project is to capture dancers amongst the rigid city landscapes. We noticed the huge scale stencils in Hunter Street mall and could not resist using them for a photo shoot. The lines and angles within the stencil artwork really compliment the dancer’s pose. This was one of our favourite Newcastle shoots. We know that there is potential for Newcastle to establish itself as nationally recognised center for art and creativity, however know that this relies on the support of the community. Increasingly we are receiving this support, but it is still a struggle. Urban Ballerina is as much a reflection of the traditional v the creative potential as it is a simple photography project”
Emma Levine
Urban Ballerina


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