Newcastle Placemaking: Part I

Here are a few shots taken one morning after walking around Newcastle East. These planter boxes were made by some locals (please let me know exactly who and I will update this post. Ripley? And?) to a company the trendy cafe that is Sprocket.

It’s great when a business takes pride, inside and out, in their business. Congratulations are in order for those who are brave to take the risk. What risks? People might steal the plants or damage the plants? They might get vandalised?

Too many great initiatives can get halted by ‘what if’ worries. More trust is needed and we can only learn by sharing that hope.

It might just seem like some outdoor furniture. But this project represents faith, healthy lifestyles and love of your public spaces.

I also threw in some photos local spots like dog beach (a hand built teepee from driftwood included), Newcastle Pacific Park and Newcastle Foreshore to show the natural beauty our city has to offer.








Newcastle Placemaking: Part I

Newcastle, Australia visits Motorcity, Michigan

Street Art Walking (SAW) was recently invited to be part of Project for Public Spaces inaugural event ‘Placemaking Leadership Council Meeting’ which is to be held in Detroit, Michigan on 10-12th April, 2013. Yet, with short notice of this great opportunity, our director needed to find extra financial support to attend this great opportunity.
After setting up a Pozible campaign, just over two weeks ago, the project has been supported by forty people raising over $1700. This means the flight to Michigan has been supported by the community that can see the value of Newcastle, Australia being involved in a global placemaking discussion. It has been truly heartwarming to see the support for myself and Street Art Walking from so many people. Thank you to all involved for supporting this initiative and I look forward to sharing all the amazing interactions that I am bound to have in this unique city.
Here are some people SAW will be meeting with:
I will be staying with a young couple in a house that has been getting TLC to be refurbished. It will be great to be staying with locals, whom are passion about the urban renewal of their city, just as I am about our own city, Newcastle.

Newcastle, Australia is in a state of change with many new developments on the horizon. It is vital that placemaking practices are shared with all levels of the community; residents, business owners, council, state government agencies and private developers have an exciting time ahead.As a member of the council, placemaking advocacy will be a large part of SAW’s role. To place Newcastle, Australia on this global platform at such a vital time is a great opportunity for our artists and organisation, but also the community and the clients that we work with.

It is a huge honour to be invited to be a member of this leadership council, as SAW has been striving for a more vibrant Newcastle since we started making murals in Newcastle, turning empty places into creative places.
You can learn more about the Pozible campaign, which is still running for three mroe days by going here. For more info about the Placemaking Leadership Council please click here.
Newcastle, Australia visits Motorcity, Michigan