Revive The Regent Theatre Mudgee

In my hometown, Mudgee NSW, there is a theatre that has been empty for many years, since it was sold in the early 2000’s by a family which had owned it for generations. Over the last two decades there have been numerous situations in which the public has poured outcry over the disused theatre. Since 2017, when I set up a website to compile information about the theatre, the community response has been positively overwhelming!

Revive The Regent Theatre started as a blog and social media group and has grown to be an incorporated charity in 2019.

Revive The Regent Theatre Mudgee

Palace Theatre Paste Up Project

I have the exciting opportunity to curate a paste up project in collaboration with Volcano Theatre and Coastal Housing Group funded through the Arts Council of Wales’s Ideas : People : Places initiative.

The Palace Theatre Paste Up Project is a cornerstone project of From the Station to the Sea, and will be part of The Troublemakers’ Festival in Swansea, UK this July.

We believe The Palace deserves to operate again and this project an opportunity to wonder on what it might have been like when it was first launched in 1888, or when operated as a theatre until the 1970’s or what will it look like when it’s renewed from disrepair?

For more information go to the Street Art Walking website.

Palace Theatre Paste Up Project

Let’s get Newcastle on a Global Map

Street Art Walking (SAW) have been invited by Project for Public Spaces (PPS) to go to Detroit, Michigan for an inaugural event ‘Placemaking Leadership Council Meeting’ in April 2013.

But we need your help to get there..

Why help?

  • SAW wants Newcastle to be aligned with the best cities in the world

  • We will be part of a highly valued and respected global community of placemakers

  • Being on the leadership council is a five year commitment to you and your community

  • We will host placemaking events with you about your city

  • Placemaking is an international movement that we must be involved in

Photo taken during our visit to New York at PPS Office, 2012

What is placemaking?
Placemaking is a multifaceted approach to planning, design and management of public spaces. It involves listening to the community and asking questions of the people who like, work and play in an area to discover their needs and aspirations.

We think this conversation is so very relevant for Newcastle and the future of our city. We want to be part of the process in creating good public spaces that promote health, happiness and well being.

It is a huge honour to be invited to be a member of this leadership council, as SAW has been striving for a more vibrant Newcastle since we started making murals in Newcastle, turning empty places into creative places.

We have launched a Pozible campaign to help us get to Detroit (we tried other funding avenues but there is not enough time to go through these avenues) and we are 27% on our way there, with eleven supporters, on even from Boston! We now need the local community to get behind the cause of making Newcastle the best place it can be.

SAW Mural by Stu McDonald