Artists, designers, illustrators, painters and anyone with the creative flair to work on a large-scale mural are invited to send Expressions of Interest (EOI) for a mural to be made in an interior hallway of a local club. The area is used by a number of different groups; community, corporate and cool. The silhouette style mural will need to be a funky reflection of all the various people who walk through the corridors.

Artists, designers, illustrators, painters and anyone with the creative flair to work on a large-scale mural are invited to send Expressions of Interest (EOI) for a mural to be made in an interior hallway of a local club. The area is used by a number of different groups; community, corporate and cool. The silhouette style mural will need to be a funky reflection of all the various people who walk through the corridors.



‘Corporate and Cool’

This includes clientele such as:

– Musicians (all genres such as rock, dance, metal, pop, electronic, DJ’s and more)

– Corporate functions (forums, talks, conferences, business sector)

– Community (school groups, churches, choirs and other community members)

The mural will help to enhance the space by brightening the colours in the long hallways, whilst telling the broad story of activities hosted by Panthers. Black and white would be major colours used, with bright colours to add contrast to silhouettes.

Suggested imagery (see Project Brief for photos of desired style):

– Musical references (Elvis, instruments, decks/turntables, lights, notes etc)
– People (kids, crowds in audience, business people and adults) to represent wide community use

– Activities like skating, dance and others that create a sense of movement

– Silhouettes of a crowd with spotlights (see website


$800 – To cover materials and labour


The current colour of the wall is to be used as a colour layer with silhouettes. Other colours such as white and bright tones are to be incorporated to highlight existing red. Artists are requested to describe how they would create this mural and which colours they would use. (Maybe Elvis is wearing blue suede shoes?! – it is up to you!)

Mural can be produced with artists chosen mediums such as stencil, brush, aerosol or other method suggested with EOI’s.

Email us with the following:

  • Written concept for your proposed artwork (Selected imagery? What colours? Etc)
  • Example images of previous work
  • Artist CV (if applicable)
  • Availability to complete mural

To obtain photo files (.jpegs format) of the walls please email simone[at]streetartwalking[dot]com[dot]au




Urban Renewal, Exploration and Street Art Walking

So, things have been a little quiet on the Street Art Walking (SAW) homefront, as I have been working as Placemaking Coordinator for a project called Honeysuckle Alive.

Honeysuckle Alive aims involves a series of unique, temporary and permanent, projects that will activate and interact with public spaces in Honeysuckle, Newcastle. The program features elements of  art, creativity,  culture, music, leisure, functionality, fun and play. It has been quiet a contrast to working in other parts of ‘older’ Newcastle and a great experience in learning that even newly developed precinct have their own unique set of challenges.

SAW is still ticking over and has largely become a photographic documentation of all things street art, wherever I visit, featuring work in Sydney, Newcastle, New York and even my hometown, Mudgee.

This week I was asked a series of questions by Top Shelf Magazine on what inspired my interest in street art and where things may be going for SAW. Check out the article titled ‘Turning Around Decades of Decay’ here. Newcastle will always remain a source of inspiration for the work that is done here, as well a local organisation Renew Newcastle, which has made such an impact on the ground level here for our community.

For those that don’t know, I actually founded a gallery (ARThive) as part of my Honours studies at The University of Newcastle, through the Renew Newcastle program. It was the best hands-on experience I have had working in a DIY artist run initiative (ARI) and there is no way my career would have taken the path it has, without the support from this special organisation.

2013 will see some new directions for SAW and myself, after meeting with Brooklyn based Street Art Walk last year. After meeting with our US counterpart we have been ticking over was that we can offer a local guiding experience through Newcastle. Our scene here is far more spread out and there just is not as much graff or street art to show in a small walking tour. Yet, my interest in empty buildings and history could mean that our tours become a more urban exploration style tour, showcasing our eclectic mix of old and new.

I will be visiting Detroit this April and will be going on an urban exploration tour with DetroitUrbex so will surely gain some inspiration from this city and organisation.

Urban Renewal, Exploration and Street Art Walking

Creative Talks: Lecture series by Renew Newcastle


Renew Newcastle have announced the launch of Creative Talks, a monthly breakfast lecture series where local creatives from all fields can meet, greet and eat while hearing some sage advice from a person who has made their living from being creative.

It’s an opportunity for local creatives from all manner of backgrounds to connect, learn and be inspired by each other and a guest who will speak about the lessons they have learned growing their art into a commercial success. This will be followed by an audience Q&A and the opportunity to mingle with other local creatives.

Attendance is free and breakfast (coffee, tea, pastries and fruit) is provided.

The first Creative Talks will take place from 8.30am on Friday 7 September 2012 at the John Paynter Gallery at The Lock-Up Cultural Centre, Hunter Street, Newcastle.

The first creative to present is Melbourne-dwelling Novocastrian fine artist Lucas Grogan whose experience has extended beyond exhibition work to include commissions for wall and window murals, sculpture, album and magazine cover art and fashion fabric design.

Registration and breakfast will begin from 8.30am with Lucas’ talk to commence at 9am. It’s possible for most attendees to be back at their workplace by 10am.

While Creative Talks is free to attend, registration is required.

Go to to register now.

Places are limited and filling up fast – Share with your friends so they don’t miss out!

Creative Talks is kindly hosted by The Lock-Up Cultural Centre.

Filming is generously sponsored by Enigma.

Breakfast is generously sponsored by The Newcastle Herald.

More on Renew Newcastle website

Creative Talks: Lecture series by Renew Newcastle

Local Newcastle Venue Looking for UV Artists

We are looking for some local artists who can work on a UV painting for a local venue.

We are looking for a few artists to come in paint for a glow party, which will be next weekend (10-12 August). Do you know anyone who would have cool UV painting skills? Are you someone with these skills?

Please see the images in this post to see the direction of the theme.  This is a paid hourly gig with materials supplied. Please email us to find out more.

Contact Simone on 0410 115 736 for more information.

Local Newcastle Venue Looking for UV Artists

Street Art Walking Update

Just a quick post to share the latest Street Art Walking news.

So, in June we hosted our first exhibition and we are still getting positive feedback about how great the night was. I’d like to thank the artists and everyone involved with the night. We got to meet lots of fresh faces, as well as a chance to catch up with friends from other local businesses. The night wouldn’t have been made possible without King Street Hotel, so thanks to Russel and the entire team. It is great to work with such a happy, flexible and innovative team of people. We are certainly looking forward to working with them again.


July has been exciting and a bit of an adjustment period, as I have gained a contract for a role as Placemaking Coordinator for Hunter Development Coorporation. It’s early days yet and have some exciting initiatives that I’m researching. This new role has meant that some of the SAW projects that were pending (without secure budgets) have had to be wound down, or put on hold.

Never fear, we are still behind the magic curtain, ticking over on a bunch of cool stuff. Like what?

A new website and a new (first ever) art walk map, designed by Pocket Design. A special thank you to Brett Piva for all his time and energy into assisting myself with the new directions and design items. Brett is also an amazing artist and one of the team members to Time & Place, a fantastically fresh ARI in Newcastle. Their current show (featuring a personal fav Eddie Botha) looks fabulous and I can’t wait to see it, get in before 10th August – on Hunter Street, near The CBD Hotel.

We are scheming an event that will be a collaboration with The Opening Hours, after deciding that the timeframes were just too short to make it in as a satellite event of This Is Not Art. We really, really wanted to make it in with time, but it’s not feasible. This year, anyways. We ha e the walls secured, funding bodies are happy with concept and next will be scheduling a time that’s feasible. It’s looking to be pretty big and we’d rather do it well, with as many involved as possible, as opposed to trimming it back!

We are still scheming some new works to be installed soon, so stay tuned!

We will be blogging live from New York next month and are accepting stickers via mail. Get in touch if you want to come along to NY with us 😉

(above image featuring NY stencil card taken in Curve Gallery Newcastle)

Street Art Walking Update

Curve Gallery

Yesterday I went for a short walk around my new neighborhood to see what street art is out and about. I was pleasantly surprised to find something everything block.

There was a mix of grafffiti, stencil work and paste ups, including some yarn bombing, which always makes me smile.

I had intentions of walking to Newcastle Beach to reminisce of the legal walls and to perhaps find a remnant from that coloured past.

Instead, I happened to wander into Curve Gallery, which had been on my ‘To Do’ list for a number of weeks. I was more than pleasantly suprised by the content of their current exhibition.

I knew the concept was that directors, Wayne Heaton and Lisa Who, were running two contemporary art spaces that created international dialogue between UK and Australia. What I didn’t l know is how exciting the canon is which Curve Gallery are presenting works through.

Newcastle (finally) has a fresh set of eyes to see our amazing cultural scene, gifting us with an opportunity to say something that converses some of the key themes that make art the amazing career that it is. Works were conceptually strong, visually appealing and the collected works, which paired artists whom have not met, was refreshing.

Anyone who needs to feel inspired (which, really, is all of us – right?) should go in and see their gallery space. The curatorial direction is exciting to have in this unique place that we have and we certainly could gain from strengthening our international ties. Social media helps but there’s something tangible about being able to see works by artists from Ireland (of New York photographs), next to well-established and known local artists, including some local surprises. Surprises have an important place and so to does Curve Gallery.

Find them here:
37 Watt Street (Cnr of King)

Curve is proudly supported by Renew Newcastle.

I would love to write more about the exhibition itself but it’s more important for you to make the physical visit to the space. You will be pleased to find poignant installations, beautiful photography, interesting sculptures and fantastic site specific works. Its too hard for me to pick a favourite, yet with my canon so focused on my upcoming visit to New York, I must commend the work by Irish artist SCAN for his works based on beautifully graffitied doors in the New York. The works remind us of the important of collaboration, even anonymously in the night.

I was also very interested in work by UK artist, Robyn Woolston, which featured a powerful floor installation, echoing thought-provoking tales of coal trade links between Newcastle UK and our own coal city.




Curve Gallery


This week I was contacted by a local car company, The Kloster Group, whom are having a ‘Pop Up’ Promo shop that will feature a graffitied car (artist unknown, at this stage, we will update when we know) inside a currently empty shop. Kloster specifically requested UMPEL, after finding these blogs that I (try) to keep updating with new content. It’s all pretty exciting, as it’s new territory and a different style of job. The artwork is to compliment an existing marketing campaign for Mini. Wow!

For those of you that follow my work in Gosford, you will know that I work trying to ‘fill’ empty shops, with creative projects. So there is a nice synergy here with this new project.

We have done the site inspection and UMPEL is scheming ideas. The project should be up and open for viewing after next Friday. Stay tuned for more details and images.
– Simone