Newcastle Placemaking: Part I

Here are a few shots taken one morning after walking around Newcastle East. These planter boxes were made by some locals (please let me know exactly who and I will update this post. Ripley? And?) to a company the trendy cafe that is Sprocket.

It’s great when a business takes pride, inside and out, in their business. Congratulations are in order for those who are brave to take the risk. What risks? People might steal the plants or damage the plants? They might get vandalised?

Too many great initiatives can get halted by ‘what if’ worries. More trust is needed and we can only learn by sharing that hope.

It might just seem like some outdoor furniture. But this project represents faith, healthy lifestyles and love of your public spaces.

I also threw in some photos local spots like dog beach (a hand built teepee from driftwood included), Newcastle Pacific Park and Newcastle Foreshore to show the natural beauty our city has to offer.








Newcastle Placemaking: Part I